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Injury rehabilitation and prevention


We aim to optimise patient function and wellbeing to ensure you can carry out your core lifestyle activities. We focus on rehabilitation as soon as possible after injury or surgery to ensure effectiveness and enable a quicker and stronger recovery.   Our aim is to help you reach your goals as soon as possible following your injury.    We emphasise a patient focused approach with empathy and goal setting based on SMART principles.

Our physiotherapists have a wealth of experience in a variety of settings including hospital, professional and amateur sport, and private practise.   We have a private gym specifically for our physiotherapy clients onsite.   Our physiotherapists maintain their professional development by attending rehabilitation courses including UK Strength and Conditioning Association approved courses including Olympic lifting and program planning  (   Mark Comerford's Performance Matrix ( Having being involved in professional sport our physiotherapists are experienced at identifying risk factors for injury and mitigating the risk as much as possible.   

Injuries treated include neck, shoulder, spinal, hip, knee, ankle, foot, elbow and hand/wrist.  

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